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Compassionate and fearless

AN EARLY FROST (October Snow, Part Two) - Jenna Brooks

Will Remmond is a high-power Family Law attorney who’s fed up, burnt out, and ready to walk, but two cases of child abuse keep his hand in the game: 5-year-old Alexa, whose abusive father wants Remmond dead, and Maxine Allen, the woman he’s waited half his life to find. But Maxine is a mess: Trying to recover from the shocking death of her friend stirs up old wounds from childhood, and she becomes withdrawn, even abusive. Whip-smart and angry, she falling deeper into her own personal hell even as she's falling in love with him. Remmond is determined to help her and Alexa - or die trying.

A compassionate and fearless look at the long-time damage caused by domestic violence, An Early Frostis fast-paced, energetic, and insightful deftly blending romance, drama, and danger. Like its prequel, the award-winning October Snow (review coming soon), An Early Frost dares to ask the question: who is willing to stand up and stop the cycle of abuse?