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Fun and fast-paced, but rather silly

The Tears of the Singers - Melinda M. Snodgrass

When a star ship disappears in the Taygeta V system, Captain Kirk enlists the help of a prominent, but tempermental musician and two Klingon warship to help him investigate the phenomenon. The anomaly may be linked to the semi aquatic creatures who live on Taygetian. But with the restless Klingons on one hand, human hunters decimating the Teygetians on the other, and an expert who may succumb to illness at any moment, Kirk might just run out of time...


This isn't the best in the Star Trek series, although the author has a good sense of the characters, and their speech patterns are pretty spot one (see below for individual analysis). A bonus is that Uhura gets more screen time than usual: unfortunately, most it is spent mooning over the expert, a new character who is more irritating than fascinating.


Summary: Tears of the Singers is quick, fun, with a good pace, but rather silly with a heavy-handed moral about animal rights. Good when you need a book to fill an hour or so.


Character portrayals (author understood character, good voice, etc)

Kirk: B 

Spock: A

McCoy: B (Voice - B-)

Scott: B

Uhura: A-


(Sulu and Checkov were not in this enough for analysis)