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Throw-back adventure/romance

Deadline for Danger - Christine Bush

Dedicated reporter Frankie Ann dreams about covering more than just the Garden Club news for her paper - she wants to investigate the hard stories, like the pier burning in her home town. But even as she covers the safe stuff, a case of missing newspaper ads woman thrusts her into mystery full of mistaken identity and murder. But even as the dangers intensify, Frankie is determined to unravel the mystery - with the help of the handsome new police chief. But will determination be enough to keep her alive?

Frankly, Deadline for Danger is a much better title for this throw-back adventure/romance. Reading like a Nancy Drew mystery, Bush keeps a brisk pace and a sense of fun pervades the whole story. The characters are very likable, especially Frankie, and while the mystery is not Agatha Christie level, it's entertaining, like a Saturday afternoon TV movie.

Summary: Some weak prose, but this is a fun way to pass an afternoon. Recommended.