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Terrific first novel!

Secret Hunger (The Harper Sisters) - Satin Russell

Olivia Harper is a hard-working, ambitious woman with a big heart who gave up college in order to raise her sisters in small town, Maine. Mason Clark is a Boston detective, recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty and still reeling from the loss of his partner. When the two meet, sparks fly. But even as their attraction intensifies, are they ready to let go of their past in order to embrace a new future? And when Olivia suddenly finds herself the subject of a murderous stalker's obsession, will she even have a future to consider?

Satin Russell's first book strikes a great balance of romance and suspense, while setting up for future books featuring the Harper sisters. The writing is tight, the dialog is strong, and the descriptions of small town Maine feel just like the real thing (I live just south of ME.) While the focus stays on the intense new romance and encroaching danger, Russell fleshes out the supporting characters, creating a world of family and friends that feel like people you know yourself. Olivia is a spunky, hardworking, and likable heroine, while Mason is just what you want from a hero-cop.


Russell writes with authority and confidence. While it can be read as a stand-alone, Secret Hunger leaves one hungering (see what I did there?) for the next Harper Sisters novel. Highly recommended.


Note to young readers: graphic bedroom scenes